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You’ve Got Questions–We’ve Got Answers

Don't see your question?  Ask us!

What is the Code of Ethics Home Watch of North Idaho agrees to?

Always look out for the client’s best interest.

Always protect the best interests of the Home Watch Industry.

Always maintain proper insurance and bonding.

Always maintain current business licenses.

Always look to improve on existing industry standards.

Always be diligent when checking the references of anyone or any company that you agree to do business with.

Always think twice before speaking about competitors.

Always use honesty and integrity in your business dealings.

What is the Mission Statement Home Watch of North Idaho Agrees to?

It is the mission and goal of the National Home Watch Association to establish and maintain the highest set of standards and ethics for all Home Watch companies in the United States of America and Canada;

To establish and maintain trust and confidence between homeowners and Home Watch professionals;

To protect the public from uninsured, unbonded and unethical individuals who represent themselves as Home Watch professionals;

To promote public awareness of the Home Watch industry; and

To ensure that only companies who represent the highest levels of professionalism are accredited as members of the National Home Watch Association.

Why shouldn't my neighbors watch my home?

The neighbors, while well intended, are not setup for a business.  They generally lack the insurance and licensing requirements.  Without proper insurance the home owner has a huge liability risk for having them on their property, if your neighbor gets hurt on while on your property the home owner is legally liable for any medical claims filed by the neighbor.  Another consideration is if they damage anything or forget to lock and secure the home, they lack the insurance to cover losses.

Another consideration is bad actors have the opportunity get to know the schedules of the other residents in the area, which gives them information on the best times to rob you. With weekly visits from a Home Watch Professional that are done at different times, your home will have a more lived-in appearance and would-be criminals will be wary if they know that someone might be coming by unexpected.

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